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We at My Hair Closet bring to you one of the finest, authentic and really amazing hair extensions that ensure that you look truly gorgeous! We are THE SALON THAT GIVES YOU A BRILLIANT VARIETY IN HAIR EXTENSIONS! We are renowned Hair Extension Salon that is providing the most personalized hair extensions that suits the individual needs and expectations. With us, you will be able to BRING BOLD COLORS TO YOUR WORLD! Our Channel collection is something to die for! The most desirable, luxurious, natural wave is going to add 'DAZZLING' effect on your personality. You can also explore our Blond body wave in the limited edition. They are perfect for an ultimate diva look! Our Hair Extension Salon is just the perfect destination if you want to add 'zing' to your hair this summer , then our beach bunny wave can be your preferred choice. It will add a joyful aura to your looks which can be quite tempting! ADORN YOURSELF WITH THE BOLD & BEAUTIFUL HAIR STYLES! We have an extensive array of hair extensions from deeply curly to Karl Lagerfeld Loose Curl. We have the apt hair for every occasion and purpose; from daily routines to special occasions; you can adorn yourself with lovely hairdos. Our awe-inspiring the Chanel collection-Stella McCartney Straight has been just incredible for professional as well as stunning look. With our authentic, unprocessed virgin hair extensions brings out true feminine charm. We maintain the highest quality of hair as considerable care is taken to make sure that their textures are not altered at all. Yes, our Hair Extension Salon refrains from any kind of chemical treatments. This means you have the most amazing hair extensions! It needs to be kept in mind that the care of hair extensions is similar to the regular hair. Here are some amazing HAIR EXTENSION TIPS:
Always, always use professional hair products:
In order to make sure that your hair are always strong, healthy and shiny; you need to be very vigilant with your hair products. According to the leading Hairdressers you should never compromise on this front as this will ensure that you will be able to enjoy luxuriant volume of your hair extensions only when you are seeking the right products to take care of it properly.
Tie your hair nicely during the night:
It is really important that you are giving your hair its due care. You need to make sure that whenever you are going to bed, you have tied your hair properly so that there is no chance of rough hair conditions in the morning. It is really smart of you if you are tying your hair in ponytail or plait.
Never dare to go to bed with wet hair:
The major cause of fuzz in the morning is surely due to the wet hair that you ignored to dry before going to sleep. You can do yourself a huge favor is you take care of this suggestion. You will truly shine for sure! Our Hair Extension Salon is finest in terms of quality services. Whether you want to opt for regal, bridal look or always gorgeous look; TRUST US, we will bring a huge smile on your face always. So come and explore our avid collection!

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